Thursday, 28 September 2017

Lets take a look at good health

We all make judgements, when we see someone who smokes or is obese or whose skin may have many sores or the like and come to the conclusion that they are not very healthy. On the flip side it is not uncommon to hear of a marathon runner who has died and everyone makes the comment "but he was so fit". So we have ideas on unhealthiness and we have ideas of fitness and most of these are related to our physical activity, physical appearance and lack of any symptoms. So it follows that the general consensus is that health is the lack of signs of unhealthiness.

Now this seems like a reasonable place to start until I ask you how does someone generally look the day before they have a heart attack. (25% of heart attacks are fatal. 25% of heart attack victims did not know they had a heart issue. So 6% have death as their first and only warning system that something is not right.

Anyone that has a car over 3 years old will have to take it for an mot test every year. Yet do you do have anyone do any testing on your mind, body or environment to make sure that you are functioning well.

Our bodies are in a constant state of flux, from the osteoclasts doing demolition work and breaking down our bones to the osteoclasts who are the architects continually rebuilding. Similar processes are happening in just about every part of the body constantly renewing ourselves.

Now add in smoking, pesticides, alcohol a known toxin that we even set recommended daily limits for, food like substances we pass for food, the exponential growth of social media and information overload which is distorting peoples view of the world. (There are many scholarly articles discussing how it is now an important contributor to increasing suicide rates). Microwaves, mobile phone towers and an inescapable network of wifi wherever you go. Do you still think you are healthy or do you accept that you could improve your health physically, mentally and make changes to your environment that would help?

My name is Nigel Burgan my website is which focuses mainly on psychological interventions however once you start going down the rabbit hole you will learn that as whole beings to be truly healed we need whole body treatment. The aim of this blog is to give you weekly (at the moment) tips that will help to improve your life.

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